Friday, June 11, 2010

One Little Candle

When I first designed my One Little Candle birthday invitation, I had no idea what a hit it would be!  I remember sitting on the couch with my husband (after wrestling our two boys to bed) and this card just flashed in my head - I hopped if the couch and said "I have this great idea!!"  Grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled it down quickly before heading to bed.

This card has been HOT.  I have been so blown away by the response I've had - it has been so much fun to create everyone's birthday invitations and to see their own babies grow through the last year.

These are some of my own designs that you'll find in my shop for different holidays:

Little Pumpkin for the fall babies:

 Little Snowflake for the Winter babies:

Another option for winter babies, the Winter ONEderland:

New for 2011, Little Lovebug
(lovebug clipart by Jessica Weibel at

Also new for 2011, Little Valentine

Also new for 2011, great for little boys - Little Heartbreaker

I've had a few customers want some creative and unique changes to the card so I wanted to share some of their fun ideas...

A new poem provided by the customer:

Something summery to match the wording provided:

A second birthday invitation:

I actually loved the idea of a second birthday invitation so much that I made a whole listing for it!  You can find it here.

a first birthday announcement to share the year with family and friends:

for a bowling party:

A Mickey & Minnie Mouse themed party: