1. So what am I actually paying for?
If you purchase a digital file, you are paying for the digital file only. I will email you the jpeg file and you can print anywhere you like. If you purchase a print package, you are paying for the prints, envelopes and shipping plus a design fee.

2. How much does it cost to have you print my cards and mail them to me?
You can view the cost for my print services here.

3. Do you print on cardstock?
Currently, I only offer printing on high quality photo paper. For heavy cardstock printing, I recommend mpix.com.

4. Where should I print my photo card?
You can print at any photo center - your favorite local print shop, online photo printers, etc. My top recommendation is always Costco, Sam's Club and Walmart. Always print at a place you trust to do quality printing and if you're not satisfied be sure you contact your printer and request a refund!  I do recommend a matte/lustre fiish so try to find a place that gives you that option (I know Costco and Sam's offers lustre).

5. Where should I get envelopes?
You can purchase envelopes at your local office supply store - size A7 (5¼ x 7¼) are perfect for my 5x7 photo cards. You can also purchase envelopes out of my shop.  My envelope prices cover my own costs for the product and shipping, I don't make any money on these.  You can view my prices here.

6. What does the name 'Four Harp Designs' mean?
The name for Four Harp Designs comes from biblical imagery. In the Bible, the number four is used to symbolize creation (e.g. the four elements, the four directions, four corners of the earth). Occasionally I design logos for my shop with the number four inverted like a reflection. This is to symbolize that everything we are (creativity included) is a reflection of part of who God is. My creative side is a reflection of God's creativity. Harps, in the Bible, are an instrument of praise. I hope that my shop, my designs, my work can be used to bring praise to God as well. So from this, I came up with Four Harp Designs!

7. I found a card in your shop that I like, but I want to tweak it a little bit. Can you do that?
Absolutely! My designs are completely customizable. We can change fonts, colors, layout, even the number of photos is customizable!

8. Do you charge for designs from scratch?
Designs from scratch begin at $20. Depending on the complexity, it may cost more so please message me with your ideas.

9.  How many proofs will you send me?
I will send as many proofs as you need to be satisfied.  If I can't get it right the first 5 times, I will keep trying! It's important to me that you are satisfied with your purchase.

10. We are having two parties. How much do you charge to just change the date/time/location but leave the rest of the design?
It is a $5 fee for an additional file, assuming the only things changing are date/time/location.