Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More ways to save!

I just found that artscow.com is offering 100 free 4x6 prints AND 50 free 5x7 prints when you register a new account.  150 cards for $0.08 each?

I will create your custom designed 5x7 card for $12 (buy now! prices go up to $15 on December 1st!) and for FREE will also make the same card into a 4x6 for you if you'd like to take advantage of artscow.com's offer!

What a deal!

EDIT 11.29.09 - You actually get 1200 free prints through artscow.com!  Wow!  I misunderstood.  Apparently the 11 free 4x6 and 50 free 5x7 is what you are allowed monthly, up to 1200 free prints total.  Click here!

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